Face Serum
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Australian skincare for sensitive skin

Made from Certified Organic Ingredients
extracted from Australian Native plants

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Pregnant & New Mums

Our mission is to make you feel amazing, inside & out – but without the stress.

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Which cosmetic ingredients should you avoid during pregnancy?

Learn more & download your free AVOID LIST now:

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Charlie, the founder of My Lilli Pilli,
is a geeky biochemist, twin-Mum & dedicated underwater rugby player.

Read her pregnancy story here:

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Based on Lilly Pilly fruits containing beneficial Antioxidants

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Australian Organic Skincare

Are you experiencing pregnancy-related changes in your skin? Want to safely and confidently relieve the discomfort that these changes bring?

Look no further. We got you covered.

At My Lilli Pilli we’re developing safe and effective organic skincare products for people with sensitive skin, in particular pregnant and nursing Mums. Our main aim is to make you feel amazing both inside and out – without the need to worry.

Our products are made from pure Australian native seed oils and extracts filled with favourable bioactive ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. All ingredients have been meticulously chosen specifically to meet our high quality and safety standards. No more confusion about which organic skincare products that can be used during or following pregnancy.

Charlie, who’s the founder of My Lilli Pilli, is a busy Mum-of-three, dedicated underwater-rugby player and geeky biochemist (read her story here).

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