Science born in Europe, nature born in South Australia, nurture born at home.

My Lilli Pilli is not your ordinary skincare company. Our products combine the scientific rigour of Europe’s top research institutes with the natural organic beauty of the Adelaide Hills – all guided by a mother’s nurturing heart.

The My Lilli Pilli range of skincare products are scientifically designed for people with sensitive skin – in particular pregnant and nursing mums, who wish to pamper their skin without feeling guilty – and without the need to compromise on effectiveness or luxury.

After falling pregnant I started to look around for safe and organic skincare – products for pregnant and nursing mums. Unfortunately, I found very few.

As a mum-to-be, I was disappointed. As a scientist, I knew there was a better way.

Charlie | My Lilli Pilli Founder

Where science meets love

With a strong passion for nature and plants, Charlie studied Agronomy through advanced degrees in Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Biology at one of Europe’s most well regarded research institutes, the University of Copenhagen. Specialising in plant biochemistry, including botany, biotechnology and genetics, Charlie became intimately familiar with the scientific properties on offer through Australia’s natural floral species.

As a Mum of three, including being blessed with twins, Charlie also fully understands the various needs of expecting and new Mums as they navigate their individual pregnancy journeys.

My Lilli Pilli brings this unique blend of scientific knowledge and maternal insight to create safe and effective skincare for the different physiological skin changes which can occur during pregnancy.

Our ingredients

Made from certified organic ingredients extracted from Australian native plants, My Lilli Pilli uses our deep understanding of the inherent natural compounds found in our indegenous flora to help with skin concerns in the most sustainable and effective ways possible.

Our processes are designed to provide the greatest possible care for the well-being of all living creatures, though some specific bacteria, yeasts and moulds may be eliminated during the natural development process. We ensure every ingredient used is sustainable, ethical while being safe for the environment and the people using it.

All the raw material has been meticulously researched using globally recognised methods and undergone stringent laboratory testing to ensure only the best suitability and highest quality. The formulations are based on certified organic extracts and oils from Australian native plants, able to biosynthesise high levels of favourable bioactive compounds such as antioxidants, vitamins and a range of nourishing fatty acids.

We believe science will change the world and ensure preservation for the future generations growing inside us.

A Lovely product. Made my belly soft, and I loved the fact that it is almost 100% organic to keep me and my baby safe from parabens and parfume.

The smell is relaxing and pleasant and I really liked that just a couple of drops where enough and that my skin absorbed it quickly leaving it smooth, but not greasy. I will definitely recommend it to all of my friends!

It’s the perfect product for using on its own in warmer weather and under moisturiser when skin is feeling dry.

I have been using MyLilli products for almost two years now – In particular the face moisturiser and belly oil and lotion. Absolutely love the products and although my BF journey will be coming to an end at some stage I will continue to use the face moisturiser as it is nourishing and gentle on my skin. 

Sarah, Adelaide

The belly cleanser is such a beautiful product to use in the shower every morning and then followed by the belly oil sets me up for the day ahead. At night the calming belly lotion is the perfect accompaniment to the rest of my skin care routine.

Stephanie, Adelaide

Beautifully made and sensitive for my skin, my only skincare brand that I use!

Melissa, South Australia

Absolutely delicious oil! Loved the consistence and light smell and the fact that it is so fast absorbed.

I spend a lot of time in pool and the chlorine just destroys my skin. I’m using My Lilli Pilli’s facial serum and a moisturiser and boy – i just want to use it all over my body!

Sonja, Victoria

I have been using the facial serum daily for over a year and only onto my second bottle. This is such a beautiful product that with a few drops gives complete coverage and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily.

I used My Lilli Pilli Belly Oil from the beginning of my pregnancy and after my bub was born. I got no stretch marks on my belly and noticed that it also helped with the itchiness.

Nathalie, Victoria

Beautiful, soft scent. Charlie is also a wealth of knowledge and is more than happy to help with any questions. Absolutely love these products.

Sarah, South Australia

I absolutely loved massaging my bump with the Soothing Belly Oil everyday during my pregnancy. The consistency was perfect on my skin and the soft fragrance was so calming. I couldn’t wait to put it on each day!

In love with these products! Reliable company and great at communicating with customers – every time! I would definitely recommend others to buy these products… AMAZING!

Malou, Denmark

Love this products, they helped me have a perfect belly during my pregnancy and now my sister in law loves them too. I ordered a mum to be bundle for her and they even arranged international postage to France for me. “So beautifully packed and so exclusive”. Perfect gift!

Nathalie, Victoria

Lovely mild and smooth skin care, also for those not pregnant! I absolutely love that it is organic skincare (something I find is hard to find here in Australia) and not tested on animals. I will definitely buy again and can highly recommend it!

Louise, New South Wales

Charlie has a wealth of knowledge that has made me feel so comfortable in asking her any questions during my pregnancy. I have loved using the belly oil throughout my pregnancy as it not only makes my skin super soft but also allows me to bond with my growing baby.

Steph, South Australia

Such a lovely product and a pleasure to use on my growing baby belly! Looking forward to purchasing more of this lovely belly oil as gifts for my pregnant friends.

The smell, the feel, the texture, the absorption and the promise of hydrated skin… these products are amazing! My face is no more itchy, patchy or bloated – it looks and feels much better and alive. Highly recommend!!

Sonja, Victoria

Our packaging

As part of our commitment to a light touch on our planet and environment, we use eco-friendly packaging. The bottles used for oil treatments and cleansers are made from glass and recyclable PET, avoiding virgin materials wherever possible. Our various moisturisers and serums utilise a revolutionary airless system made from a highly reliable “Airless Pouch Technology” which dispenses more than 95% of the product, significantly increasing the usable volume of the package.

The pouch system eliminates the possibility of any exterior contamination, while also protecting the integrity of the product by helping to inhibit the deterioration of sensitive ingredients, such as vitamin C.

With less product going to waste and more going on your skin, we can help reduce our impact on the planet while also giving you the gift of glow.


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When can I expect my delivery?2022-03-17T14:56:34+10:30

All orders are fulfilled through Australia Post services with an estimated shipment time of 2-10 business days.

Our little packing fairies are a diligent bunch and aim to ship within 1-3 business days for orders placed Monday – Friday.

They do sometimes need a rest, so any orders placed on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday in Australia’s Central Time Zone will be shipped within 48 hours of the next business day.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, shipments may encounter delays that extend beyond the expected delivery time frame provided by the carrier. It’s made the packing fairies very cross, but they’re doing their best.

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How much does delivery cost?2022-03-17T14:58:37+10:30

We offer free domestic shipping for all orders with a final total over AU$50.

Orders under AU$50 are charged a flat rate of $4.95, Australia wide.

Please note that if discounts, coupons or other offers reduce the value of the order to below $50, free shipping does not apply.

Do you ship internationally?2022-03-17T14:37:14+10:30

Unfortunately as a small family run business in South Australia, we are currently only able to ship within Australia.

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Which payment options are available?2021-09-20T16:46:35+09:30

We accept all major forms of payment including:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • AfterPay
Is my data safe?2022-03-17T14:29:29+10:30

Sure is. Your personal details are safely secure within our cloud-based CRM. We will never share your details with another party and will delete your history upon written request.

Is My Lilli Pilli skincare suitable while breastfeeding?2022-03-17T14:49:35+10:30

Yes, My Lilli Pilli skincare is suitable while breastfeeding.

All the raw material has been meticulously researched and undergone stringent laboratory testing based on the standards of Europe’s top Universities to ensure only the highest quality and safest suitability. The formulations are based on certified organic extracts and oils from Australian native plants, able to biosynthesise high levels of favourable bioactive compounds such as antioxidants, vitamins and a range of nourishing fatty acids.

Are the ingredients safe to use during pregnancy?2022-03-17T14:52:40+10:30

Yes, the My Lilli Pilli products have been developed for pregnant and expectant Mums.

All of our products are formulated from natural organic Australian plants by our Chief Geek Biochemist, Charlie Jordans who carries a Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology) and a Masters of Science (Plant Molecular Biology) from the University of Copenhagen. Charlie is also a Mum of three and knows first hand how to combine the needs of expectant Mums with the science to make your skin glow – while keeping you and your baby safe. 

Read her story here.

What ingredients do you use?2022-03-17T15:04:50+10:30

My Lilli Pilli aims to harness the power of the ancient natural compounds found in the Australian bush, using products made from certified organic ingredients extracted from our own native plants. All the raw material has been meticulously researched and undergone stringent laboratory testing to ensure only the highest suitability and quality.

We understand the special care required to protect your body during this delicate time and make sure every product meets and exceeds expectations, as both a scientist and a Mum.

Are your products organic?2022-03-17T15:00:40+10:30

We are proud to say our products are made from Certified Organic ingredients extracted from only Australian native plants.

My Lilli Pilli cares for the well-being of all living creations*, hence we assure that the ingredients used for the skincare products are safe for the environment, for our animal friends and the women using it to bring out their glow.

*with the exception of specific bacteria, yeast and mould which can spoil skincare products.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?2022-03-17T21:51:40+10:30

With such a close connection to science and nature, My Lilli Pilli is passionate about our impact on the environment and uses only eco-friendly packaging. 

The bottles used for oil treatments and cleansers are made from either glass or recyclable PET, respectively.

When we package our various moisturisers and serums, we use an airless system that utilises a highly reliable “Airless Pouch Technology” which dispenses more than 95% of the product, decreasing the left-over amount. This revolutionary pouch system also helps eliminate the possibility of exterior contamination of the product and assists by inhibiting the deterioration of sensitive ingredients, such as vitamin C. 

After use, you can easily separate the clean plastic bottle from the pouch that contained the product and dispensing components. These two elements can then be disposed of separately, each one in its proper recycling chain.

We appreciate you helping us reduce our impact on our only and forever home.

Are the My Lilli Pilli products suitable for vegans?2022-03-17T22:19:56+10:30

Yes! My Lilli Pilli works only with indigenous native flora. We are proud to say, none of the products in our range contain ingredients derived from animals or have been tested on any creature without a voice of their own.

Is My Lilli Pilli Australian?2022-03-17T22:06:38+10:30

Our products are 100% Australian made, produced from organic native flora in small batches from our production facility nestled within the natural beauty of South Australia’s Adelaide Hills.

Are the My Lilli Pilli products tested on animals?2022-03-17T22:15:18+10:30

The answer is simply NO!!! We do not test any of our products on animals and we do not export products to countries that believe in animal testing. In addition, we do not use any animal derived ingredients in our products.

Nature has so much to offer without interfering with our native fauna, so we use the best scientific understanding from across the world to bring the best of natural, safe and animal-friendly products to your skin.

Are the products suitable for people who are not pregnant?2022-03-17T14:44:41+10:30

Yes, of course. All our face care products are developed for the heightened sensitivity brought on by hormonal changes in a pregnant woman’s body, so would be suitable for all people with sensitive skin.

Are the products suitable during preconception?2022-03-17T14:41:11+10:30

Yes. We take our commitment to natural products very seriously and have blacklisted any hormonal disruptive and potentially harmful ingredients from our scientifically-backed formulations, to ensure we deliver the absolute safest products possible.

*we are against animal testing

We do not test any of our products on animals nor do we use any animal derived ingredients in our products.

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