Charlie’s Story

After falling pregnant I started to look around for safe and organic skincare products – products specifically for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Unfortunately, I found very few products. Yes – there are plenty of “natural” and “green” products on the market – but should they really be used during this precious stage of life AND were their ingredients really suitable or even safe? When this whole scary realisation hit me – My Lilli Pilli was born.

Charlie and her daughter. Charlie loves making safe and organic skincare for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

During my teenage years I was rather casual in my approach to many things, especially in regards to which cosmetics I applied to my skin – I just wanted something that did its job without really focusing on the contents of the product. Embarrassingly, I never thought about looking at the ingredient list on the back. Why should I? It may sound naive, but I trusted the product, because it was readily available on the market and hence would be ok, because it wouldn’t be allowed to be sold, if it wasn’t safe, right…? Or would it…?

I have always had a strong passion for nature, in particular plants. As a young child growing up in a Scandinavian country I would enjoy the green forests and fields rich in diverse plant life. I decided very early on that I wanted to learn everything I could in regards to plants. In the early 2000 I decided to study Agronomy specialising in plant biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen. During my studies I truly enjoyed courses that included botany, biotechnology, genetics and other plant related courses. I was happily living in a world surrounded by lovely PLANTS!

THEN, when I finished my uni degree and I eventually fell pregnant EVERYTHING changed. I suddenly realised the importance of taking proper care of my body, as I was ultimately responsible for the safety of the precious baby that was growing inside me too. As other pregnant women do, I tried hard to stick to the various pregnancy-safety-food/drinks restrictions, but they were not the only precautions I took. I believed that it was just as vital to verify that the skincare I applied to my body would not harm my growing unborn child, just as much as the food and drink I consumed. I wanted to make sure that my skincare did not contain any harmful chemicals.

My journey researching this subject gained momentum. The truth is that small molecules (including toxic ones) can penetrate the skin. These are then capable of reaching the bloodstream and hence may cross the placenta to a growing child. This concerned me greatly. What is even more concerning, in my opinion, is that right now there are a multitude of skincare products on the market that contain ingredients that should be avoided, especially by pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.

Every day we as consumers are bombarded with information about chemicals to avoid, but, how are people meant to be able to identify which products are safe? What do we need to look for? It is certainly not that easy. Labels are quite often incredibly long and overwhelming even though all the ingredients are stated on the back. Sometimes it can be rather daunting looking at the ingredients trying to make sense of it all…

After spending many months researching various “natural” skincare products on the market, I became incredibly frustrated over the lack of skincare specific for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. From this frustration grew the burning desire to provide a truly beautiful cosmetic line consisting of safe and organic skincare products for this often forgotten group of women.

I am very proud to be able to provide My Lilli Pilli – safe and organic skincare for expecting and breastfeeding mothers – and others with sensitive skin.

Charlie xx

P.S. I recently became pregnant with twins, which was a huge surprise. Read more about the twin pregnancy here.