With such a close connection to science and nature, My Lilli Pilli is passionate about our impact on the environment and uses only eco-friendly packaging. 

The bottles used for oil treatments and cleansers are made from either glass or recyclable PET, respectively.

When we package our various moisturisers and serums, we use an airless system that utilises a highly reliable “Airless Pouch Technology” which dispenses more than 95% of the product, decreasing the left-over amount. This revolutionary pouch system also helps eliminate the possibility of exterior contamination of the product and assists by inhibiting the deterioration of sensitive ingredients, such as vitamin C. 

After use, you can easily separate the clean plastic bottle from the pouch that contained the product and dispensing components. These two elements can then be disposed of separately, each one in its proper recycling chain.

We appreciate you helping us reduce our impact on our only and forever home.