Let’s make our bearded Dads some BEARD OIL CONDITIONER! Below is a recipe how to make beard oil using normal household ingredients. It’s a fun little experiment for creative mini humans.

Making a homemade beard oil is a great way for activating the young kids without too much hassle. Plus it gets them away from their iPads (at least it works for my daughter).

As soon as we mention that we will be doing a project or experiment together with our daughter, she gets so excited that she throws the iPad over her shoulder. She LOVES doing new exciting stuff with her Mum and Dad. But let’s be honest here, the activities need to be fun for Mum and Dad too, otherwise it just turns into another annoying and boring chore. This experiment is definitely fun for both the little one and parent. It’s relatively easy, and they will feel like a little scientist by the end of it.

Ok, let’s get into it…

This activity is well suited for the kitchen or outdoor area. Make sure you have a clean table to work on – so before starting it’s a good idea to wipe down the surface with antibacterial cleaning products and let it dry. Put on your apron/lab-coat/smock, as you don’t want oil stains on your clothes.

Instruments you need:

  • a glass jar
  • a funnel
  • a teaspoon (to measure with)
  • a tablespoon (to measure with)
  • glass bottles with droppers 25-30ml (you can recycle old skincare bottles – such as the one we use for our Belly Oil)

Make sure that everything is clean and dry before use!

Ingredients you need:

These are often found in the pantry…

  • Sweet almond oil – 40ml (2 tbsp)
  • Jojoba oil* – 20ml (1 tbsp)
  • Avocado oil – 15ml (3 tsp)
  • Castor oil – 10ml (2 tsp)
  • Grapeseed oil – 10ml (2 tsp)
  • Sesame seed oil – 5ml (1tsp)
  • Essential oils (Sandalwood/Cedarwood/Rosemary) 1-4 drops
  • Vitamin E (here you can use dietary supplement) – 1 soft-gel capsule

*You can replace jojoba oil with sweet almond oil or safflower oil.

How to make beard oil


  1. Use the tablespoon and teaspoon to measure the right amounts of oils.
  2. Grab the glass jar and start pouring the different oils into it.
  3. When all the oils are mixed, slowly add few drops of your chosen essential oil**. Then mix it all up with a spoon.
  4. Transfer the beard oil into the glass bottles using a funnel. There should be enough of beard oil for 3-4 glass bottles.
  5. Seal the glass bottle with the dropper lid / cap.
  6. And TADA….you have now learned how to make beard oil for your Dad. It’s an awesome and moisturising beard oil – and all natural.

**If you don’t have any essential oil in the house, go out in the garden and grab some fresh green rosemary leaves. Cut the needle-like leaves lengthways and pop them into the glass bottles. The essential oils from the leaves will then slowly diffuse into the oils.

How to use it:

Just tell him to apply a few drops of the beard oil conditioner to the palms of his hands and then massage into the beard and onto the cheeks. This beard oil will help prevent the skin under the beard from being itchy.

Until next time, stay calm and have fun with your mini human in a cool and exciting way.

xx Charlie

P.S. Please let us know how the experiment went – comment below.