NEVER start a conversation with “The dog ate my daughter’s pink slime”… I accidentally did when calling the Vet – and I very quickly realised that I sounded like a totally crazy wierdo (the story of my life), especially as I had to repeat it four times to the lady on the other end of the phone. This was meant to be my “day off” where I could focus 100% on my business. But of course, you quickly learn as a Mum, that very often things don’t go to plan. And way too often we suffer from annoying Mum-guilt.


I was super excited and motivated! All three kids were booked into childcare for the day so I had my kids-free working day so I could completely emerge myself into my business and get stuff done, without constantly getting interrupted by feeding times, nappy changes, vomit-clean-ups, poo-explosions etc. Like a super organised Mum, I had prepared everything the night before. Clothes for everyone were picked out, all bags packed and all lunches done. It was going to be an easy morning for a first time in a long time – everything was under control. OH MAN….HOW WRONG I WAS!!!! Twenty seconds before leaving the house, my oldest daughter screamed like her life depended on it. She was mortified, as she witnessed how our always-so-hungry Labrador Scooby, had woofed her fluorescent pink slime down (you know the toy slime all the kids are currently playing with). I must admit, I had only asked her around 27 times to put it back in the box that morning, but apparently that’s too hard a job, hence she left it on the floor. And since it had a nice resemblance to mincemeat, our Scooby thought that it would be a great morning snack… For a millisecond my brain exploded.

What on earth should I do? So many questions popped up in my head – is the slime toxic? Will it block up Scooby’s intestines etc? I had to call the Vet. Stressed and, without thinking, I just said to the lady: “The dog ate my daughter’s pink slime”. “Sorry I don’t understand….” She asked me to repeat it several times, as it really didn’t make any sense (which in hindsight is obvious).

Scooby. Mum-guilt.
Scooby, our slime-eating labrador. She might look innocent, but she isn’t (lol).


The Vet asked us to come in to the practice immediately, as they were worried that the slime could hurt Scooby. Apparently, it was the first time they had ever heard about a dog eating slime. I guess there’s a first time for everything…. They gave Scooby an injection, so she could vomit up the slime. After about twenty minutes the poor dog start getting weak and the vomiting-party commenced! What joy! Whilst this was happening, my very excited daughter decided to swing around a plastic bag containing hundreds of small 10-cent coins (quick note, while I talked with the Vet over the phone at home, she had emptied her money box, as she felt she had to pay this Vet bill….) which suddenly flew out of her hand. For a second time that day my brain exploded – and it was not even 10 am! Now all these coins were scattered everywhere in the surgery. Just what you need while you try to calm down your sick dog!


When Scooby had managed to get rid of all of the slime and was feeling better, I finally managed to get all the kids to childcare. Of course, just before we arrived there, my oldest daughter wanted to know why I earlier that morning had screamed at her and why I was so angry… When I heard that, I drowned in MUM-GUILT! I felt so, so bad. I really wish I had reacted in a calm and collected matter…but I didn’t. I guess, sometimes it’s just easier said than done. For the rest of the day I felt like a really awful Mum, and, of course, no work got done. Stupid Mum-guilt! Any mums out there that have experienced Mum-guilt?

I guess the take-home message for myself is, that I need to realise that stuff happens – stuff that I can’t control, even though I often wish I could. And when things don’t go to plan, I might need to slowly count to 10, before exploding. AND I need to get rid of the Mum-guilt – it’s really a waste of energy. So wish me luck for the next event!

Until next time, stay calm and count to ten – and don’t get Mum-guilt ……..oh, and don’t let your dog eat slime!

xx Charlie