What not to say to a woman expecting twins….

Early on in my pregnancy with the twins, I was in shock and I was honestly very scared about the whole situation – but it really amazed me what people (often strangers) would say to me, when I explained that my growing bump was twins. Fortunately, now being in the second trimester, I’m much calmer and happier, and can only laugh about the weird comments that from time to time came out of people’s mouths…. Thank goodness I didn’t take offence!

  • “I didn’t know you were planning to have twins!?” Hmmm, neither did I. I didn’t even know you could plan such things. Maybe I ate too many Elevit pregnancy vitamins….?
  • Are they natural?” I didn’t even know that un-natural babies exsisted. Do you mean like 3D printed ones?
  • You are going to be MASSIVE!!!!! Imagine all the stretch marks you will get “. You think? I really thought I was a kind of a marsupial that can give birth to relatively undeveloped babies, that would slowly crawl into my hidden pouch, and nobody would realise that I’m having twins…. Nah! thank goodness for my GENTLE Belly CleanserSOOTHING Belly Oil and CALMING Belly Lotion – life savers!
  • Ha ha – sucked in!” Cheers, mate! Just what I needed to hear on this dark, dismal, rainy and depressing day, while bawling my eyes out.
  • OMG – are you really having twins?!? If it was me, I would never survive – you will not be able to get any sleep for a very loooong time.” Luckily, I love coffee and can survive weeks without sleep thanks to my SUPER-WOMAN-TWIN-POWERS. You would think they would try and see the positive in welcoming two new lives into the world. 
  • “When I have a bad day, I just think about your situation, and then I feel much better…” I’m very glad I can make you feel better…not…What is it with some people? It’s all about them. 
  • You are such a clever girl for making two babies at the same time.” I really don’t think that my IQ had anything to do with this…or did it?

During this pregnancy, I have been on the receiving end of some rather funny but completely innocent comments from my little 4-year-old daughter…

  • Mommy, you are SO fat!” Thanks, my little angel. I so appreciate your honesty.
  • Mommy, I want one of the twins to be my Big Sister.” I’m not too sure if that will actually be possible – but nevertheless, give it a try, my love.
  • Mommy, please listen to me – I’M NOT GOING TO BE THE TWINS’ BABYSITTER, all right?!” How on earth did she know that that was my secret plan??? Sometimes, she is too clever for her own good.

Until next time!

xx Charlie